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Nu-Life Containers

Dumpsters and Containers
for Recycling and Solid Waste Management

Nu-Life Environmental designs and manufactures Containers / Dumpsters for Front, Rear and Side Load Garbage Trucks; Self-Dumping Hoppers, LFW, Lugger, Open-Top Roll-Off and Sludge Containers, as well as Receivers Containers for Garbage Compactors.

Product Overview:

Garbage Containers

 Front load garbage container  Flexible Plastic Lids for dumpster container  Rear load garbage containers
Lugger Container Garbage collection containers and dumpsters for front, rear, and side load trucks are available from 2 to 10 CY. Lugger containers are available for 10 - 20 CY capacity.

Roll-Off Containers and Industrial Lugger Containers

 Mini Open-top Roll-off Container  Roll-off Container, rectagular, open top  Roll-off Container, rectagular, open top, tube style
Mini Open-top Containers, roll-off, capacity 10 - 18 CY. Open-top Roll-off Containers with 20, 30 and 40 CY capacity. Tub-style Open-top Roll-off Containers 20 & 30 CY capacity
 Roll-off Sludge Container  Heavy Duty Hopper/Container Self-dumpig  Receiver Container for Garbage compactors
Sludge Containers, Roll-off,
in 20 through 30 CY capacity.
Self-dumping hoppers in 1 through 3 CY capacity Receiver containers for garbage compactors
High side walk-on 20 yard container - Picture1   High side walk-on 20 yard container - Picture 2  
High Side Walk On Container, 20 CY capacity, with lids.  
Open Top Roll-off Container with Tarping System Roll-off Open Top Container with Tarp System
Open Top Roll-off Containers with Tarp System